About City Cannabis Co.


My name is Krystian and I'm the owner of City Cannabis Co.

We are a customer-focused, quality-driven chain of medical marijuana dispensaries serving the city of Vancouver. After working for Starbucks for over 10 years managing multiple stores, the one thing I know for sure is that customer experience is the cornerstone of any retail business. As a medical marijuana patient myself, I've learned that this is something that this industry has been lacking.

As a student, I struggled with insomnia and went to see many different doctors. I realized that they were all prescribing me different forms of pharmaceutical sleeping pills. The side effects were horrible, making me feel tired and groggy the following day, which affected my school work and sports. Then I discovered cannabis and it changed my life. It helped me sleep like a baby without any lingering side effects. My attention span and school work dramatically increased, as did my quality of life.

After discovering the perfect remedy for my insomnia, I needed a way to purchase it. I went into several different dispensaries and was surprised by the lack of knowledge, service, professionalism and care. I was hoping to be guided and informed about how to use cannabis as medicine in a clean, professional environment, but instead everywhere I went the dispensaries were either a little shady or didn't really connect with me as a customer.

That's when I decided to develop a lifestyle brand for dispensaries. A brand that not only has top quality products but that focuses on the patient experience. A clean and stylish store that provides a friendly environment with highly knowledgeable staff. I'm proud to share this story with you of how City Cannabis was born.

Krystian Wetulani


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